Thursday, September 23, 2010

The End of the Earth

Ragnarok is meant to be a series of events that lead up to the destruction of life on Earth. In its place, a new plateau of life would spring forth. To me, though, this island I've awoken on seems to be alive. Humans and creatures run about there business around me. In this seemingly endless world, I feel so insignificant.

But life sparks hope, and a drive and passion to become something worthwhile. I may not know how I arrived, but I do know I want to make something of myself.

I turn around and find a short woman in an orange outfit looking in my direction. She greets me and tells me about this world, the land of Rune Midgard. In the universe of Essence, I am here to live my life however I please. She tells me of the dangers that lurk the fields and dungeons of this world. For me to survive, I would have to become stronger. I can not simply live life as a homeless peasant. And after a little discussion, I'd decided to get my journey under way. I may not know what I will become, but for now, I needed to eat. I'm starving.

The woman hands me a knife and a backpack, and permits me to leave. The Cowrings around here are fresh meat. I decide to make them my breakfast.